Our Brand Story – Tips For Gentlemen By: Charles Vaughn, Founder of LeSin Vodka ™

During the summer of 2008 I began thinking about creating a new vodka for the world to enjoy. I thought ‘what will be unique about this vodka?’ Many ideas came to mind. I had several discussions with guys and girls of all ages. The one thought that seemed to always rise to the top was that the world has changed in what it defines as “sexy.” Men today refer to themselves as “gentlemen” but the definition has somewhat shifted over the years. I wanted this brand to re-energize what it means to be sexy, so I decided to create The World’s Sexiest Vodka. Thus, began the journey to re-influence the world towards a classy, elegant, and respectable ‘Sexy’ while preserving the current tones of chic, provocative, flirty, and a little bit of naughty.

Respect & Being Respectable

I think, to a certain extent, much like the changes over time throughout my life, there have been many changes to what sexy is which has led to a very different meaning today as opposed to 50 years ago. I’m not saying it is worse, or better. I’m saying that it is different. Sexy has a different feel and experience today. Take for instance the art of meeting a beautiful woman out in public – a potentially daunting task for a man. It just seems to me that men nowadays tend to lean more towards innuendo or excessive flirty-ness as opposed to mature, respectable, and well-mannered styles. Perhaps this is influenced by pop culture and mainstream entertainment becoming more risqué and edgy. I don’t know the answer as to why for sure – but I do know that it has changed in this direction. Now, in fairness, I’ve heard my fair share of women speak with the mouth and vocabulary of a drunken sailor. Maybe this is attributable to them being sick and tired of being spoken to in certain ways. In either event, it’s not attractive as a one-way street – so a two-lane highway certainly doesn’t improve things much. I don’t want to focus only on the negative here. There is a proper place for some flirting and being a bit naughty. It’s all about finding that right balance so as not to come across too rude or vulgar (for men) and too aggressive and perhaps ‘easy’ (for women).

Gentlemen (and Ladies)

I’ve also realized in my travels that men simply have lost their chivalry. Opening doors for ladies. Standing when your dinner date stands. Properly escorting your date/significant other in public. These are but a few examples where I’ve seen opportunities for a man to be a gentleman to a lady. I don’t’ know when it became out-of-style to do these things, but I certainly remember being taught by my parents to do these things. Heck, I remember in high school having conversations with my friends about doing these things. I am confident that women appreciate these gestures and do not feel demeaned or treated as the inferior gender by these acts. Rather, I would tend to think they feel special, appreciated, beautiful, attractive, and perhaps adored being treated as such.

Chic, Elegance, Fashionable & Flirty

As with most material things like cars, clothes, electronics, etc., trends as to what looks good, or what is “in” change from time to time. So, it goes with how we dress at work, at home, and even out to play. I remember a time when business suits were mandatory for a lot of professions and business casual was as rare as an alien sighting. Nowadays, it’s virtually the opposite. However, with respect to socializing and spending time with your significant other, or even going out in hopes of meeting new and exciting people, I think dress is a very important ingredient that speaks volumes to the person across the table. I’ve heard it repeated time and time again that a woman ALWAYS notices a man’s shoes. Whether, or not, this is true is probably determined by the specific woman you ask. But I do know that most women LOVE shoes, so it stands to some reason that this may have some validity. Regardless, the main point here is that how we dress speaks volumes about us to the people who see us – some of whom we’d like to meet and get to know. Now, in keeping with fashion and being modern, I am all for being chic appropriate for your setting. Trying to display too much perhaps crosses the line into excessive provocativeness. What we are aiming for is the proper level of the tease or being provocative.

It is my sincere dream and desire to capture each of these elements in everything LeSin Vodka ™ is involved with. Regardless of your age or generation, I think we all want to feel sexy in our own way – as well as be seen as sexy by others. LeSin Vodka™ is an experience and lifestyle brand. Our French heritage lends itself perfectly to being sexy. Remember, being Sexy is an overall way of living and being.