• Avoid rude or overly boisterous action – especially around ladies. Don’t be overly clownish. Use a gentlemanly wit to drive home the effect of a story. You’re looking for a quiet refined ease of manner.
  • Never allow a lady to get a chair for herself. Give up your seat for a lady whenever necessary. By extending these courtesies to your mother, sisters, or other members of your family, they become habit and by default, more natural when out in public.
  • Never perform even a little service for another with the hint or air of it being a favor that you can call upon for return in the future. Perform the service with a courteous humble heart.
  • It is not necessary to speak on every topic as if you are an expert. What a gentleman says must be what he sincerely knows and believes – otherwise he violates the first rule of gentleman’s speech – TRUTH.
  • Cultivate TACT. Talent is something – but TACT is EVERYTHING. Talent is power/strength, but Tact is the SKILL to purposefully use and apply talent. Talent knows what to do – TACT knows HOW TO DO IT. Talent makes a man respectable – Tact makes a man RESPECTED.