Hi. I am Charles Vaughn, Founder of LeSin Vodka. Thank you for diving deeper into the Tips For Gentlemen website. There are many things we, as men, can do to be a more refined husband, boyfriend, brother, son, uncle, cousin, or father. Respect and discipline are common words we throw around today. But what do respect and discipline mean in various situations and relationships. How do you view respect as it pertains to your significant other vs. your guy friends? Do you have a different application of discipline when it comes to you vs. your son? Have you ever taken a survey of how your actions and behaviors differ between you and our mother, or your sister, or your wife/girlfriend? That’s what we are going to explore thru a series of videos, talks, and written tips.

The purpose of this sight is not to shame or shade anyone. The sole purpose here is to provide a perhaps forgotten perspective on various topics associated with what it means to be a gentleman. I hope you truly enjoy and find value in this effort. This is truly a passion of mine and has been a material part of the DNA of LeSin Vodka since 2009.

Remember, being Sexy is an overall way of living and being. Thank you again for reading.

LeSin Vodka is France’s Sexiest Vodka that is 100% sourced and produced in France. Our deluxe wheat and spring water are signature ingredients that genuinely represent the region and country. Charente is one of 101 departments (regions) in France. Pristinely situated in western France, Charente is the northern half of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The region gets its name from the Charente River, the most important river in the department. The Charente River has the two largest towns along its banks in the region: Angoulême and Cognac. Both the water and the terroir are ideal for producing vodka.